Light Up Life 2023


We are meeting across Spain and Hispanic America in order to light up Human Life. On this December 28, on both sides of the Ocean,we are united by a stream of Life based on Christian values. We cannot, and we do not want to, overlook the fact that our conception of Human Life is founded in Jesus Christ, whose birth we are celebrating these days. We affirm the enormous dignity of Human Life as we commemorate today the Feast of the Holy Innocents, those children who were murdered by Herod.

Every new human life is a light which is lit in the world. An explosion of light that happens when, at the moment of fertilization, the life of a new sacred, unique human being begins: Children Are Sacred.

However, these children are in grave danger even in the womb of their own mothers, which should be an impregnable sanctuary. Great powers — current Herods — want to eliminate them. By disposing of their bodies, first. Or later, by owning their souls. And governments do not protect them.

Yes. Humanity as a whole is gradually committing suicide, but there is an increasing awareness both about the tragic after-effects of abortion and about harmful indoctrination and heinous sexualization of innocents. This year, 2023, some governments and members of civil society have started to protect children, some battles have been won, while in other parts of the planet there is an increasing pressure on families and the culture of death is spreading.

Abortion muddies personal and social conscience: it hijacks consciences. A child who is finally born is still hunt out by Herod: prevailing ideological confusion will surround these children and young people, as well as their parents and teachers, and there will be an attempt to impose the imperatives of gender ideology by means of legislation and through emotions pervading the media.

But criminal networks also seek out children to lock them up behind the bars of sexual exploitation, pornography and pedophilia. Our candles are lit tonight, too, for all those children who are taken away from their families in order to plunge them into vice and crime, as we have seen in Eduardo Verástegui’s committed movie Sound of Freedom, which has deeply moved all of us.

For all these reasons, each light we are carrying bears the names of many children whose lives have been taken by the predatory machine of abortion, or whose souls have been sucked out by ideologies and legislation…

Our lamps burning represent our unshakeable will to ensure our children’s life and integrity are protected, because they are sacred, because we have received them as a gift from our Creator, and we feel responsible to light up their lives and their minds. We want to put the massive killing of babies in the womb,as well as the ideological use and sexual exploitation of minors, back on the agenda of public debate. We shall not cease until the laws protecting the culture of death and validating indoctrination and sexualization of children and teenagers are, once and for all, repealed.

Now, today, on this December 28, 2023, we solemnly join forces so that, as Mayra Rodríguez usually says… “ONE DAY, ABORTION WILL BE UNTHINKABLE”. And we raise our hands as a sign of innocence, while we say to the entire world, loud and clear: a child must not be aborted, a child must not be indoctrinated nor sexualized… CHILDREN ARE SACRED!!